My husband is a big bicycle enthusiast. I think it’s safe to say in the 11 years I’ve known him, he’s had at least a dozen bicycles. He builds them from parts, finds them in alleys, fixes them up, barters, sells, and buys. He has three right now in addition to the three he acquired for me (they’re all second hand and two of them were free) and our sons tricycle, bicycle seat and bike trailer. We are a household who enjoys a good bicycle. At least that’s what Michael would like people to believe.

My loyalties, however, lie somewhere else entirely and he knows it.

A few years ago when gas prices got really terrible, there was a revolutionary atmosphere in our apartment. To amuse myself, I began talking and scheming against the establishment. I struck upon an idea that I became very passionate about; travel by horse was going to come back. I announced to Michael, very theatrically, that horses were the way of the future. He laughed and then began to argue that no, bicycles were the way of the future and . . . the future is now. We enjoyed arguing and pleading our side of the case, many times laughing so hard we almost cried. I insisted his opinion couldn’t be trusted on the matter because he’d had three of his very own horses – Duchess, Whiskey Jack and one, I was appalled to discover, he can’t even recall the name of – when he was a kid and he just didn’t appreciate them the way he should have. He claims they had terrible temperaments but I think they just didn’t like him because they could sense he was a secret bicycle revolutionary. We did agree on one thing, riding horses and bicycles is much more fun than riding in a car.

I have since admitted that bicycles are probably a safer bet than horses. There are a lot of logistical problems when it comes to “storing” horses, especially in a city . There’s also the matter of cleaning up after and feeding them. Most importantly, bicycles don’t tend to die on you. But, I always remind Michael, a bicycle just can’t love you back.

Horses, the way of the future. At least in my dreams.

The debate is over, but the sentiment lives on. Whenever we become impassioned about something in our household – politics, human rights violations, corruption, the economy, greed, health insurance, cronyism, or anything that just seems wrong – the revolutionaries in us come out again. We look at each other and whisper conspiratorially, “Horses, the way of the future.” And then we laugh. It makes the world seem like a less horrible place. You should try it.

Horses, the way of the future – The revolution is coming. I’m thinking about having t-shirts made.